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Sliding contact line as a new type of conductive device for construction elevators, the surface of the sliding contact lines use high quality insulating materials,embedded 5 transmission aluminum conductors as transmission mother line,configuration mobile flexible current’s structure is simple and compact,safe and reliable,save energy.  The line itself is 3.016 meters long (about the same height as two standard sections), With the fixed parts installed directly to the standard section, Its birth, effectively solves the problems that have plagued customers for years of short service life, easy to be stolen, high wind weather easy to fracture and affect safety construction. 
1 No extra load onto the cage of building hoist:It is installed on the mast sections, weight of sliding contact line is spread to each mast sections.
2 No worry about bad weather: It is fixed on the mast sections, building hoist can travel normally in case of strong wind.
3 No worries about theft:Comparing to power cable, our sliding contact line is made of aluminum, which is not so valuable and not easy to dismantle from the cover.
4 Easy maintenance:Sliding contact line consists of different sections, so just change the broken parts instead of changing complete set. And easy to change by dismantle the connectors.
5 No worry about over trave:When the current collector over travels, power supply of machine is off, the passenger hoist will stop immediately.
6 Installation height can be changed according to project progress:Length of each section is 3.016m, equivalent to length of two mast sections. So length of sliding contact line can be increased according to height of mast.
7 Can be recycled:Life span is 5-6 years. It can be dismantled from previous project and assembled for next projects.

35mm²Sliding contact line


  ◆Rated current:165A

  ◆Single specification:75*60mm

  ◆Single length:3016mm

  ◆Single weight:10kg

25mm²Sliding contact line


  ◆Rated current:130A

  ◆Single specification:68*60mm

  ◆Single length:3016mm

  ◆Single weight:9kg

16mm²Sliding contact line

  ◆ Model:BHFS-5-16A/80

  ◆ Rated current:80A

  ◆ Single specification:60*54mm

  ◆ Single length:3016mm

  ◆ Single weight:7.2kg

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