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Construction hoist special grease lubricator two product series,including JD-011 type is the first generation of elecrodynamic automatic grease lubricator,JD-021 type is the second generation energy-saving modified type of gear electrodynamic automatic grease lubricator.
Two series of grease lubricator were professional oiling device of electric motor and construction hoist rack coordinate middle gear as a drive,the push-pull test type high pressure pump of the grease lubricator driven lubricant oil through eight oil outlet of oil laout parts uniformly with high pressure continuously giving oil,the oil would automatically injecting to the hoist standard section of guide column and eight lubrication bodies of the gear and rack precisely.
Product performs excellently,could continuous uniformly,quantitatively give oil,saving lubricant materials;reasonable product structure,easy maintenance and high reliability;advanced product design、high degree of automation,low energy consumption and huge oiling force,when under high-rise building construction the advantages were more highlighted,yes we can do it:safety、save time、save grease.

JD-021 Gear type Automatic Grease Lubricator

◆ High pressure pump flow rate:0.95kg/min

◆ High pressure hose:2.5m(Customizable length)

◆ Gear tooth modulus:8 module 9 teeth(Can be customized)

◆ Overal dimensions:540mm×145mm×360mm

◆ Rated Working Pressure:5MPa

◆ Storage tank volume:12L

◆ Equipment weight:19kg

JD-011 Electric Automatic Grease Lubricator

◆ Motor model:Y80M2-4

◆ High pressure pump flow rate:0.97kg/min

◆ Motor power:0.75kW/380V

◆ High pressure hose:4.5m(Customizable length)

◆ Slow down:1:15

◆ Overal dimensions:420mm×170mm×400mm

◆ Rated Working Pressure:5MPa

◆ Storage tank volume:12L

◆ Equipment weight:23kg

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